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CORD Press statement

February 27, 2013


The CORD welcomes Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta’s candid confession during Monday’s Presidential Debate that his family owns 30 thousand acres of land in Taveta.

That was very good declaration of guilt but we need more of such confession on the amount of land the family owns in other parts of the country including Central Kenya where Mr. Kenyatta comes from.  The Jubilee Alliance’s Presidential candidate only talked of the land they own in Taveta constituency and failed to disclose how much land they own in Taita which neighbours Taveta.

Mr. Kenyatta said his family acquired the massive chunk of land they own across the country on a ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ basis. This is a good terminology in the business world. But now, Mr. Kenyatta must come out clearly and tell the Kenyan public who these willing sellers were in all the transactions across the country. The people of Taveta have vehemently denied ever engaging with the Kenyatta’s in any land transactions as he stated. We demand that he explains to them what they don’t know.

Mr. Kenyatta also admitted that he had donated 4 thousand acres of land to squatters in Taveta. This is a good gesture that can come from a philanthropist. But from somebody seeking higher office in Kenya and at this electioneering period, it is totally against the Law.

It is an election offence in the Elections Act that prohibits any politician running for any elective office to give out handouts during campaign time. The CORD urges the IEBC to take action against Mr. Kenyatta for bribing the voters of Taveta Constituency. The donation of the four thousand acres of land has been confirmed by Cabinet Minister Dr. Naomi Shaban and Taveta DC Mr. Haribae Nkaduda, and the IEBC needs to act promptly.

The CORD also wishes to remind its supporters across the country that their vote counts, and that it will determine the destiny of this country. Falling prey to empty threats by losers who are throwing the ‘go way’ leaflets is denying yourself a chance to bring change in Kenya. Stay where you registered to vote and cast your ballot from there.

Other leaflets are being spread in some parts of Nyanza particularly Kisumu telling members of the Luhya community to vacate. The CORD states here categorically that the Luhya and Luo people have for many years co-existed peacefully, they eat, drink and communicate with each other in a language they understand and such leaflets can only come from our detractors. The CORD urges the Kisumu residents to ignore such threats and VOTE PEACEFULLY.

Hon. Ocheing Mbeo

Member, CORD Communication Committee



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